Lip Filler Injection

Lip Filler Injection

Lip Filler Injection

What is it for?

Women nowadays love having sexy and plumping lips and that is why lips injections exist!

Lip injections of lip fillers are counting as one of the most popular trends right now like face fillers. It makes our lips look kissable and also changes your lips shape to the way you want it to be.

10 things you have to know about lips injections

  1. Why sexy and full lips?

Some girls might have small, thin, and uneven lips shape and they dislike it. Well, lips injection is a solution for all these problems! You can instantly change your lips shape into fuller and plumpers ones within 30-40 minutes. You will defintely feel super sexy and seductive and gain more confident.

  1. Why it makes you look younger?

Refer to the research of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, growing old can affect our lips to be thinner and get more creases and wrinkles around the edges of our mouth, and age your appearance. But don’t be worried, lips fillers can fix it after all.

  1. Pros of lip fillers

  • Instant result after the injection.

  • Low risks.

  • Easy to take care of.

  • No long recovery needed.

  • Lower price than surgery.

  1. Cons of lips fillers

  • Temporary result.

  • Filler lasting period depends on filler brand product, patient behavior, etc.

  • Must avoid hot food in order to maintain long lasting result.

  1. Will there be any swelling?

There will be needle marks around your lips but you can cover it up by wearing lipstick colors. Those marks will be disappearing within 1 week and all the swelling will get better within just a few days.

  1. How to take care of yourself after doing lip fillers

  • Avoid hot foods and drinks.

  • Drink tons of room temperature water so that help filler getting more plumping.

  • Avoid scratching, massaging or stretching your lips.

  1. Is it fixable if there is a lump under lips skin area?

Yes, it DEFINITELY is! HA filler or Hyaluronic Acid filler that our clinic use, actually, it can naturally disintegrate by itself. But if you want a shortcut, you can ask a doctor to forcefully disintegrate it by injecting the enzyme called “Hyaluronidase”.

  1. Is it dangerous or does it ruin your lips?

Lip filler is usually using Hyaluronic Acid gel injecting into our mouth which is the same substance occurs in human body and the HA gel is one of a dermal fillers that is certified and guaranteed by Food and Drug Administration in Thailand, so it is truly safe for us. But you have to always choose only an expert injector to do it for you. If not, it can be very dangerous.

  1. The operation procedures

First of all, doctor will use a numbing cream to numb your mouth in order to decrease the pain and swelling. It usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for this process. Then, after the numbing method, doctor will be starting to inject HA filler into your mouth. The time of this process depends on how big your lips are but generally it will only take 30-40 minutes tops. After it’s done, you must lie down for awhile to let the filler settle.

  1. How long will lip injections last?

It really depends on which brand you choose, your behavior, and the way you take care of it after the injection.