Why “Fat Filler” ruin your face skin ?

Why Fat Filler ruin your face skin

Why Fat Filler ruin your face skin

What is Fat Filler ?

Fat filler or fat transfer is the same thing and very trendy nowadays because of cheap price. Even if it is super cheap comparing to Hyaluronic Acid filler, but there is no way its quality will be as good as HA filler. Theoretically, fat filler is “Autologous fat grafting”. You will use your own fat cells from one spot on your body transferred to another spot. This method is similar to tissue transplantation. If you do it wrong, bad consequence will definitely follow later on.

How long will Fat filler last ?

So many research said Fat filler is variable and unpredictable. The chance that fat cells will combine together is only 10-15 percent per 1 time doing and that is why a doctor inject the quantity of fat cells more than usual and it will make your face look bloated at first. It takes about 15-30 days for your face to settle down but some cases can take 2-3 months. Long recovery, right?

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After fat transfer, you have no guarantee that your skin will be as smooth as silk. Nodes, waves and lumps can be appeared under your injected skin areas because some fat cells have unevenly died or withered. It is natural for human body system working like that and the real reason of why fat filler ruin your face skin.

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