Is temporal hollow injection dangerous ?

Is temporal hollow injection dangerous

Is temporal hollow injection dangerous

It depends on 3 main factors we used to talk about in the other article.

  1. Is it a real or certified filler ?
  2. Filler brand and face analysis
  3. Injectors

The benefit of temporal injection is to help you regain youthful look and have a perfect oral face shape. You can instantly feel and see that your face will be obviously lifted up and more balanced.

Temple area is a very sensitive area and as dangerous as forehead and nose area. These areas have lots of arteries so the injector must use a proper technique and not inject filler into the veins instead. If you choose a less experienced doctor or wrong filler products, dermal fillers injected in the wrong spot can lead to some serious consequences such as blindness or ruined arteries.

Today we have a case that used to have a problem about temporal injection from the other as a false example.

*Illustration of the article has been approved by the patient.

From the picture on the left side, you can see the patient have a few lumps on the temple area and some bruises as well. The reason causing those things maybe comes from a wrong spot injection or ruined veins.

From the picture the right side, you can see that those lumps were gone and the patient’s face is more balanced. All thanks to Doctor Mek who has such an amazing technique for facial filler.

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